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The most impressive part was the execution - everything was executed and coordinated beyond our expectations and I can’t thank Tami and her team enough for going above and beyond.
— Justyna + Rob Rosmis

WE coordinate, you celebrate!

Working…School…Kids…Out of State

We all know the crazy busy world we call our lives and we all hear how crazy busy wedding planning is, so why would you want to tackle both unarmed?

Many hours are put into researching vendors, making appointments, managing your budget and communicating with your chosen vendors and honestly this is not the fun side of planning a wedding.  But, for a wedding planner, managing these details is what we love to do.  Let an experienced wedding professional help clear your calendar so you can have more time enjoying the things you love.

No matter where you are in your engagement or planning stages we can help.  Creatively Yours is vowed to making your big day excellent.


Chicagoland | Northwest Suburbs | Southern Wisconsin

After about 45 minutes together, I knew she was the person to make our day go off without a hitch.
— Casey + Ryan Koklowski

Our Story

I started the business in 2006 knowing I wanted to help couples stay on task and create a memorable wedding day while staying within their budget and vision.  


Our services

Wedding planning is more than most think.  Budgets, guest count, meetings, research, design, creating lists, communication, organizing, keeping the peace, etc.  We offer help to couples who need direction form day 1.  There are also couples that have a good handle on the process, but want to hand over the final details of the wedding day to someone who can ensure the day will smooth and flawless.


Falling in love was the easy part...