5 Tips Before Finalizing Your Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers is a fun and important part of the planning process, but if you don’t know where to begin, the task might feel a bit overwhelming! Even if you already have a few favorite blooms in mind, there are several things you should consider, such as budget, colors, and style before making your final floral selections. I spoke with one of my favorite florists and dear friend, Courtney Pillman, over at Trellis and she shared with me her top tips to help ease the pain.


    Many flowers are seasonal in nature, so having an idea (or having an open mind) about using floral and colors in season will not only save you money but give you the most beautiful product. And if you don't know, just ask your professional!


    Many times, to get the most bang for your buck, floral experts will use premium blooms in the bridal bouquet and scale down additional bridal party flowers and centerpieces to seasonal floral. This way, you get the most dramatic and striking designs for your photos, while spending your money where it counts!


    Floral experts might look like magicians, but sadly we aren't. Knowing a ballpark budget when going into your floral appointment will give your professional a guideline and road map to using your money to get the biggest, most dramatic designs


    Floral experts love when couples come in with a theme and design in mind but are open to what we have to say! An expert who has worked at your specific venue numerous times will know what areas to focus on, and what areas don't need as much attention. We'll have great ideas how to incorporate designs and rentals to make a cohesive feel for your big day!

  5. IT’S (more than) OKAY TO DREAM “OUTSIDE THE BOX”!

    Floral experts love challenges and creativity... it's why we do what we do! If you have an idea that you haven't found a picture of online, that's perfectly okay! Let us help you put your dreams to life! There's nothing we love more than creating a one-of-a-kind design to suit your individuality and to help tell your love story!


To learn more about Courtney and Trellis Studios, just visit her WEBSITE, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM page.

(All flowers in the photos were provided and designed by Trellis)

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